Best Add Text To Video Free Software For PC Windows 10, 8, 7

Add text to video software allows a user to add a title to his video. Adding a title or subtitle makes a video informative. Even more, it makes a video attractive to viewers. However, there are many free video editing software programs available. Here we discuss the software and download add text to video free software for PC.

Top 4 Add Text To Video Free Software For PC

The software described here is for PC. And those help to add text or message on video. Even those come with lots of features. Assist in editing videos as well. Top 4 Add Text To Video software are given below:

1. YouTube Software

There is a free application on YouTube called Movie Maker. It offers excellent features for editing a movie. A user can add music, voice clip, the effect on his video.

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Even add a massage with a different front. However, the Windows version will be attainable on Google. Download the application and edit a movie.


  • It allows editing videos or movies.
  • It comes with lots of editing functions.
  • Allows adding copyright-free music and sound effects.
  • Allows adding text/title or subtitle.

2. AVS Editor

This is another video editing software. That lets users cut, move, add captions, etc. on a video. Moreover, it supports DVD, 3GP, MOV, MP4, etc. essential files.


It is a secure video editing software. It allows users to add title, a caption on video as well. So, this download this software for adding a title on the video.


  • It supports DVD, 3GP, MOV, MP4, AVI, etc. media files.
  • Let users edit the full video with its editing features.
  • It allows adding a title/caption to the video.
  • This software offers multiple languages. So, users can set their preferred languages.

3. Subtitle Edit

This application helps to sync, adjust, create, and translate text in a movie or video. A user can perform in advance more than other software. They can edit existing subtitles on a video.

They can make the text blur and add new text. If a user downloads this app, he can find lots of features. So, install this app for having multiple options for editing.


  • Allows to adjust, translate, sync, and create text on video.
  • Let users add text, title, or subtitle on a video.
  • It is available in multiple languages besides English.

4. Sub2DivX

This software can edit AVI videos. This software also provides the opportunity of adding text. Moreover, it offers to change front, design text with colors.


This software changes the font size for long titles or text automatically. This software is user-friendly and designed with many features.


  • Available in multiple languages. Select one suitable to the user.
  • Offer to change the font, color, design.
  • It automatically changes the font size if the text is too long.

Final Words

Download the add text to video free software for PC as own preferred. These are the most popular and secure operating software. The software offers different features to edit videos also. Even these are available Windows and OS versions.

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