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Get Auto for KLWP For PC, it is fully free to download and install on every Computer OS like Windows (exe) and Mac (dmg). The latest and updated version of Auto for KLWP app is now suitable for 32bit and 64bit Computer.

Download & ScreenShots:

How To Download Auto for KLWP App for PC To Install on Windows, Mac

The Auto for KLWP software may be useful for you. So we shared the pro level method for PC user. A lot of Android Apps have EXE or DMG edition. But some app is not available on the field of computer OS. With an App player (emulating engine), you can run of Auto for KLWP APK on Windows 10 and Mac.

  1. Take the decision to which emulator you should prefer from below.
  2. Popular emulators available there:, etc
  3. Simply download and install emulator and Login on Google Play Services.
  4. Play Store will offer you to directly install Auto for KLWP app on Computer via emulator

Which Are The Main Features Of Auto for KLWP Software

The Android Auto interface, designed for Kustom.

KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker

Google Maps
Google Calendar
Chrome Browser,
Google Play Music

Designed to be used without a dock, status bar and navigation keys (may, or may not interfere).

Navigation Screen:
-Background map is reliant on internet/data connection to be updated (frequency can be adjusted in KLWP settings – data charges may apply!).

Phone Screen:
-‘Menu’ icon and ‘Dial a number’ card may need to be adjusted based on your device/ROM phone app.
-Contact names and cards need to be manually entered and set up (six in total). * **

Home Screen:
-Today’s calendar events. Press on the event title to open Google calendar. Cycle through each event with the arrow keys. If location info has been entered, then you can navigate to that location by pressing the navigation icon.
-Current location’s weather. Press on the card to perform a Google search for a more detailed view.
-Music info for the current or last played song. Press on the card to go to the Media screen.

Media Screen:
-To populate the screen, a launch and/or media play of your preferred audio/music app needs to be performed. After that, you can exit the app.
-The app name and color (progress bar, play button, icon) change accordingly for the following apps: Google Play Music, Spotify, Pandora, Rdio, Deezer, Soundcloud, Pocket Casts. For other apps the name ‘Music’ and the color orange is displayed.
-The playlist, thumb up/down, radio and shuffle icons are not operational at the moment (last four buttons are accessed by pressing the overflow menu).

Car Screen:
-‘Roadside Assistance’ card displays a contact card for an auto rescue service. * **
-‘Service History’ card displays past info about oil change, car service and tire rotation along with their corresponding dates. *
-‘Vehicle Check’ card displays info to check for oil change, car service, tire rotation, Motor Ordinance Test, road license and car insurance. *

Status Bar:
-The bluetooth icon appears when it’s activated and disappears when it’s not. Unfortunately, there is no way to show if it’s connected to a device or not (possible with Tasker and original status bar icons by +Frank Brown).

In KLWP advanced editor:

* Text Entry:
See the ‘Globals’ tab in KLWP for easy text entry in the respective fields.

**‘Contacts Setup:
Select ‘Contact 1-6’ items, then last tab called ‘Touch’, select ‘launch shortcut’, then select ‘Contact’. Now choose your preferred contact from the list.
Select ‘Roadside Assistance Info’ item, then ‘Contact Icon’ and follow the above sequence.

Location of apps you can replace to your preference:
Google Maps: ‘Navigation’ – ‘Menu’ – ‘Menu Icon’
>> >> – ‘Directions’ – ‘Directions Icon’
Phone app: ‘Phone’ – ‘Menu’ – ‘Menu Icon’
>> ‘Dial a number’ – ‘Background’
Google Calendar: ‘Home’ – ‘Calendar’ & ‘Navigation’ – ‘Event’
=> then go to the last tab called ‘Touch’ to replace the app.
Remember to press the save icon and export your preset!

Use this KLWP in conjunction with a data connection, the “OK Google” voice command, Tasker and a bluetooth enabled car stereo for a very powerful setup!

Remember, everything can be Kustomized!

Android Auto

The Kustom Official Google+ Community

Frank Brown
Status bar icons (modified)

Carla Jacobs
for the knowledge and tutorials to:
navigate between screens in a one page setup
calendar events location to navigation
improve scrolling through items
other help and info

Frank Monza
Developer of the awesome KLWP Maker!

What’s New Found On Newly Released version Of Auto for KLWP Software

* Support for Portrait Orientation (increases RAM consumption)
* Added Portrait & Landscape only versions (reduced RAM consumption)
* Ellipsized Locality & Weather Conditions text (just in case)
* Navigation & Status Bar are placed under the same group

*Name change for improved Play Store visibility

Disclaimer for Auto for KLWP App is not claiming the ownership of Auto for KLWP software. We are not the affiliated partner even! Every element of this app like images, ss, and logos are the property of its developer.

We do not share the Auto for KLWP EXE/DMG/APK directly on our server. On every guide, we have recommended the official app store of the Auto for KLWP app.

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