How do I fix iphone software update server could not be contacted?

Recently, some iPhone users reported encountering the error message that the iPhone software update server could not be contacted when they wanted to update to the latest version of iOS using iTunes. Apple advises them to make sure that the Internet connection is active and try again. However, based on user reports, software bugs and incorrectly configured settings can also trigger this alert message. From this point on, it is difficult to diagnose and resolve this problem if you also have the problem. Sometimes I have got a question to be like, “how do I fix iPhone software update server could not be contacted.” So, Let’s start!  In this article, I’ll describe it in detail.

What is the reason behind of iPhone software update server could not be contacted?

As stated in the message, the network connection may cause a software update error and an alert message that the iPhone software update server could not be contacted.  In addition to the network connection, there are many other reasons behind this problem, such as:

  • When the biggest company Apple published a new version of iOS, many users are eager to download, making Apple’s servers overwhelming and unable to respond in time.
  • Incorrect configuration settings. Although this alert message displayed in iTunes, it be triggered by settings on your iPhone that do not match iTunes.
  • Unknown errors and mistakes.

Now, you must understand the reasons why the message appears. And compared to the reasons, you may be concerned about how to solve this problem and install a new version of iOS.

The solution of iPhone software update server could not be contacted.


Help if the update service not be contacted

If one WLAN connection is possible, update iOS via the menu items “Settings,” “General,” and “Software update.” If the message that the server for back iPhone – Software updates  not be contacted, receive, try the following:

#1: Disconnect the iPhone from the PC. Make sure your PC shows the correct date. Deactivate the firewall to exclude this source of error. Go to the Internet with your web browser as normal. Try to connect to the iTunes Store.

fix iphone software update server could not be contacted


If there is a problem when setting up the iTunes Store, it is usually due to a communication problem between the Apple software and the Windows operating system. You can find out more on the support page.


Once you’re connected to the store, open the Control Panel. Open the “Internet Options.” Click on “Connections” and then on “Settings” to activate the “Automatic search for settings” checkbox. Confirm the changes with “ok.” Note: As of Vista, the menu item is no longer called “Internet Options,” but “Network and Internet.”


fix iphone software update problem

#4: Close iTunes and reopen the program. Now connect your iPhone to the PC. Now the update should start automatically.

iphone software update solved


With new updates for iOS, we generally recommend that you always wait a few days to avoid such error messages on the iPhone or iPad.

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