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Get Improved Initiative For PC, it is fully free to download and install on every Computer OS like Windows (exe) and Mac (dmg). The latest and updated version of Improved Initiative app is now suitable for 32bit and 64bit Computer.

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How To Download Improved Initiative App for PC To Install on Windows, Mac

The Improved Initiative software may be useful for you. So we shared the pro level method for PC user. A lot of Android Apps have EXE or DMG edition. But some app is not available on the field of computer OS. With an App player (emulating engine), you can run of Improved Initiative APK on Windows 10 and Mac.

  1. Take the decision to which emulator you should prefer from below.
  2. Popular emulators available there:, etc
  3. Simply download and install emulator and Login on Google Play Services.
  4. Play Store will offer you to directly install Improved Initiative app on Computer via emulator

Which Are The Main Features Of Improved Initiative Software

Improved Initiative is a simple and intuitive initiative manager for table-top RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder.

Combat Tracker
When combat is initiated, characters are ordered by initiative score. Once combat starts, characters will not be reordered by initiative until “New Encounter” is selected from the Character Manager Screen. Instead, the Dungeon Master is free to reorder characters by dragging and dropping. This allows for easier handling of held or readied actions, and for inserting new characters into combat once combat has been initiated.

On pressing “Next Turn” or “Previous Turn”, the turn order will advance or step backwards appropriately, maintaining the current initative order. Combat state is saved whenever the user leaves this screen.

Characters can be added on the fly from the character management screen, and can be removed from combat by swiping left on the Combat screen (be careful here, swiping left on the Character Manager screen will delete your character).

The “plus” and “minus” buttons increment and decrement health, respectively.

Character Manager
The Character Manager allows the Dungeon Master to manage characters that may or may not be involved in combat. Pressing a character toggles whether the character is part of the current encounter. Characters may also be removed from combat from the Combat Screen by swiping left (again, not that swiping left on the Character Manager screen will delete your character).

The Character Editor screen can be opened by pressing “Create Character”, to create a new character, or swiping right on an existing character to edit this character’s attributes.

The die on the right side of the top menu can be used to roll initiative for all existing characters.

Combat can be started by pressing “Resume Combat”, which returns to an existing encounter without changing the turn order (even if initiative scores have been modified or new characters have been added), or by pressing “New Encounter”, which will order all active combatants by initiative score (you can resolve ties by dragging and dropping once you get to the combat screen).

Character Editor
The character editor either creates a new character or edits an existing one.

The fields should be fairly self explanatory. A “color” option was included to disambiguate generic enemies, because running encounters with large numbers of goblins can be frustrating. I suggest buying small coloured stickers for your miniature bases to match the colour options here.

You can roll initiative for the current character by pressing the “Roll Initiative” button (obviously).

Bugs and Feature Requests
Post bugs and feature requests on the “issues” page.

The Improved Initiative logo is based on a free font called Barbarian by Anthony Robinson. Check it out here:

The quill saved icon was created Freepik from flaticon:

What’s New Found On Newly Released version Of Improved Initiative Software

* Negative initiative scores are now allowed

Disclaimer for Improved Initiative App is not claiming the ownership of Improved Initiative software. We are not the affiliated partner even! Every element of this app like images, ss, and logos are the property of its developer.

We do not share the Improved Initiative EXE/DMG/APK directly on our server. On every guide, we have recommended the official app store of the Improved Initiative app.

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