How To Install An iPhone App on a PC Like Windows 10/8/7

If we take the help of an emulator, we can quickly get the  Apple features like Siri, TvOS, iMessages, and many more apps.  Emulators are free, and you can easily install & play your desired apps. You have a question, be like “How To Install An iPhone App on a PC.” Then you are in the right place. Read how this works in this practical tips guide.

iPhone & iPad apps on the PC – you should note that

  • The apps were developed and designed for the iPhone or iPad.  So all functions were aligned to the hardware of the respective devices.
  • Since the hardware of the iPhone is different from that of a PC, it is not possible to merely put an iOS app on the PC.
  • One possibility: You simulate a Mac operating system and install the apps there.  We will show you exactly how this is done in the next paragraph.

What I need before install an iPhone app on PC

iPadian is one kind of software that allows iPhone apps on PC. iPadian is capable of automatically registering some applications such as Facebook if we are natively connecting through our team as it was not going to be all pretty. We found some unfavorable points, among which is, to name a few, the impossibility of accessing the official Apple App Store.

It is restricting the installation of applications to the iPadian store, which are applications that they use the internet or applications that make use of APIs.

We will also be restricted only to mouse movement and click since there is no touch support, and therefore, we will not enjoy the multitouch properties either.

Introducing To The iPadian Latest Edition

How to install iPadian on PC

If you want to use iPhone apps on your PC, then you must need an emulator. The emulator also has a UI system that is a very user-friendly experience.  For that reason, more people find it favorable to others. This emulator helps you to install iPhone apps on your PC. iPadian is the best software that allows the iPhone apps on your pc. Here are the following steps to install the iPadian.

  • At first, you have to go to the official website of iPadian. Then you can find an app name “iPadian 3“.
  • You have to download “iPadian 3”.
  • Before installing this app, make sure your antivirus is off.
  • Sometimes antivirus shows problems.
  • After installing the Software, run it.
  • After a run, you can find the interface of the iPhone.
  • Then sign in the app store & download your desired apps.

In this way, you can quickly run the iPhone apps on your PC.


To conclude, it must be said that it is an application worthwhile if you like to mess around. Even so, do not expect wonders or fully emulate an iPad on your computer as you will be thoroughly disappointed. I repeat, a new application if you like to try new things without further ado. So if you already have Adobe AIR installed on your computer, you don’t lose anything in trying it either.

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