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Get Morse Mania: Learn Morse Code For PC, it is fully free to download and install on every Computer OS like Windows (exe) and Mac (dmg). The latest and updated version of Morse Mania: Learn Morse Code app is now suitable for 32bit and 64bit Computer.

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How To Download Morse Mania: Learn Morse Code App for PC To Install on Windows, Mac

The Morse Mania: Learn Morse Code software may be useful for you. So we shared the pro level method for PC user. A lot of Android Apps have EXE or DMG edition. But some app is not available on the field of computer OS. With an App player (emulating engine), you can run of Morse Mania: Learn Morse Code APK on Windows 10 and Mac.

  1. Take the decision to which emulator you should prefer from below.
  2. Popular emulators available there:, etc
  3. Simply download and install emulator and Login on Google Play Services.
  4. Play Store will offer you to directly install Morse Mania: Learn Morse Code app on Computer via emulator

Which Are The Main Features Of Morse Mania: Learn Morse Code Software

Morse Mania is a fun educational game that helps you master the Morse code while advancing through a number of exciting levels, teaching several new letters at a time.

The app starts with the easiest letters (E and T), moving to more complicated ones, comprised of more sound tokens. Once you master all the letters, it teaches you numbers and other characters, then proceeding to words.

– 50+ levels teaching you recognizing 40 symbols (letters A-Z, numbers and several other common symbols), words and callsigns.
– 8 challenge levels, ensuring you master all letters and symbols.
– Custom level: create your own level to practice symbols of your choice.
– Hints (for free!) when you need help.
– Explore mode if you want to hear the symbols before starting to learn them.
– Customizable sound frequency: 400 to 1000 Hz.
– Adjustable speed: from 5 to 45 WPM (words per minute). Less than 20 is not recommended though, as it doesn’t help you to actually learn the language.
– Adjustable Farnsworth speed: from 5 to 45 WPM. Determines how long are the spaces between letters.
– Ability to jump to the past levels to revise, or skip some if you’re already familiar with certain characters.
– 8 different keyboard layouts: QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, ABCDEF, Dvorak, Colemak, Maltron, Workman.
– Randomized letter positions for each level (to ensure you’re not just learning the position of the letter on the keyboard).
– Setting for background noise: to better support some Bluetooth earphones that keep disconnecting from the phone while you play, or just to make it more challenging.
– Volume reminder: to make sure you don’t play the game with sound off.
– Read our dedicated blog posts to get the most out of the game.

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What’s New Found On Newly Released version Of Morse Mania: Learn Morse Code Software

– 9 new levels to learn 70+ most popular prosigns, Q-codes and abbreviations.
– 3 new levels to learn 4 more punctuation characters.
– Smart practicing: custom level is pre-populated with symbols where you made mistakes.
– New setting for the volume of the Morse code sounds.
– Support for Halmak keyboard layout.
– Ability to reset already completed levels and mistakes.
– Frequency (pitch) setting is now free to all users.

– Bug fixes & other improvements.

Disclaimer for Morse Mania: Learn Morse Code App is not claiming the ownership of Morse Mania: Learn Morse Code software. We are not the affiliated partner even! Every element of this app like images, ss, and logos are the property of its developer.

We do not share the Morse Mania: Learn Morse Code EXE/DMG/APK directly on our server. On every guide, we have recommended the official app store of the Morse Mania: Learn Morse Code app.

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