Word Count and Character Count With Total Assistant

Total text count for multiple files in 90 seconds

  • Download Total Assistant (15 seconds)
  • Install it (20 seconds)
  • Drag and drop your files onto the Total Assistant Window (5 seconds)
  • Let Total Assistant do the counting (a few seconds, depending on file size)

Word count, character and line count with Total Assistant is that easy

Total Assistant saves you time by providing quick and easy text counting. Total Assistant gives you a total word countcharacter count, and line count for one or more selected files.  Count text in multiple file-formats including  Word documents, HTML, Acrobat PDF, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, text, and more.  Download and evaluate for free.


With just a few clicks perform a word count, character count, and line count for one or more files. Select a single file, several files, all files in a folder, and optionally subfolders.

Total Assistant counts the text Microsoft Office ignores.  Microsoft products can give lower totals than is actually the case, see text not counted by Microsoft Office for details.

  • Drag and drop files/folders from Windows Explorer onto Total Assistant.
  • Count text in embedded objects, such as Excel worksheets in PowerPoint presentations.
  • Select files from a standard file open dialog, with multiple selections.
  • Paste a summary of the results with counts into emails, Word documents, Excel, etc.
  • Fast cost calculator. Just enter your rates to get the word, character, and line total cost.
  • Network files supported.
  • Print the file list and text count.
  • Character count optionally characters with or without spaces.
  • Optionally include or exclude text box content in the count.
  • Invoicing and Reports in Pro version.

Want to know more?  See the count features summary table.

We have customers around the world who count on Total Assistant!  Don’t just take our word for it, read the testimonials or download and test Total Assistant’s word, character, and line count abilities.

We would be delighted to answer any questions about Total Assistant, please email us at sales@surefiresoftware.com